A verse dedicated to the fifteenth of August!!

On August 15, a day of sorrow and grief,
Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, a thief.
Known as terrorists, spreading fear and dismay,
They shadowed a land that once knew a brighter day.


O, my beloved flag, with colors pure and bold,
A symbol of unity, stories yet untold.
Black, red, and green, a triumphant embrace,
Conveying love profound, in each vibrant trace.

In a Glass House,

In a glass house, ruled by stone men’s might,
Ethereal panes shimmer in the moonlight;
A delicate fortress, where secrets reside,
Whispered tales locked in shadows, they confide.

Kabul, the City of Kohl’s Seller

In a city of dreams, shadows are cast,
Where Kohl’s sellers dwell, enchantments amassed.
Eyes blinded by wonders, a sight to behold,
A tale of allure, though often untold.

In Evils’ Cave

In Evils’ cave, where shadows reside,
A captive soul yearns for love’s gentle tide.
My heart, encased in sorrow’s steel embrace,
Longs for solace, a fleeting warm embrace.

Afghanistan’s Rivers

My surface gives you life,
But below is death;
Afghanistan is rife,
And I take out the wrath.


The weapons
Wrapped in the clad
Sealed up with the
Stamp of religion

Nirvana and Purgatory

On one hand
An elegance looks
Qur’anic countenance and hermeneutic tresses
Speaks verses of love
Physique as sculpture of Ajanta
Roman and Rumi’an rumination