A verse dedicated to the fifteenth of August!!

On August 15, a day of sorrow and grief,
Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, a thief.
Known as terrorists, spreading fear and dismay,
They shadowed a land that once knew a brighter day.

My first and last love, this country of mine,
Now engulfed in darkness, a life oh so malign.
It was not the force of the Taliban’s might,
But traitors and betrayers who surrendered the fight.

They handed over our land, a nation with pride,
To those who seek only destruction, where hope is denied.
But let not our spirits waver, for deep within,
Lies the strength to rise, to fight, to win.

Afghanistan, the cradle of the oldest civilization,
Shall not be subdued, for it holds a mighty determination.
A land that has faced conquerors, time and again,
Will rise from the ashes, embrace freedom’s reign.

No longer shall tyrannies rule over our homeland,
No longer shall betrayals stain our hearts, make us bland.
For we stand united, a prosperous land and nation,
Reclaiming our heritage, our dreams, our salvation.

In the Perfect Webinar Formula, Russell Brunson said,
Tell a story, paint a picture, ignite the fire in one’s head.
So let me transport you to a land so grand,
Where courage and resilience emerge hand in hand.

Picture a land, where mountains touch the sky,
Where rivers flow freely, soothing souls passing by.
Whispers of ancient tales dance on the breeze,
As the Afghan sun casts its golden rays with ease.

Imagine a nation, a tapestry of diverse hues,
Where unity transcends the boundaries we once knew.
For in the heart of Afghanistan, love intertwines,
Binding us together, where hope forever shines.

But darkness fell upon our land, a sinister plot,
As traitors embraced chaos, a deal they thought sought.
And the Taliban arrived, spreading fear and despair,
Trying to erase our history, our legacy so rare.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, a flicker of light,
A beacon of hope, refusing to succumb to the night.
Afghanistan shall rise, like the fiery sunrise,
With courage and defiance, we reclaim our prize.

No longer shall we be silent, no longer in chains,
We’ll rebuild what was lost, wash away the stains.
From the ashes we’ll emerge, with resolve so strong,
Embracing the future, redefining what went wrong.

For the people of Afghanistan, their spirit unbroken,
From every corner of the globe, solidarity is spoken.
We won’t be defined by the darkness that transpired,
But by the resilience and love we have acquired.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,
On this journey of healing, together we’ll expand.
Afghanistan, my beloved, we shall overcome,
A prosperous land and nation, where hope has finally won.

(C) Azad
August 15, 2023

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