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'It's about who I live with': One of first Afghan families to resettle in Stevens Point reflects on journey

Azad, his wife Sarwat Azad, both 38, and their four children ages 2 to 9 moved to the city on Feb. 16 as one of two Afghan families resettled to Stevens Point last month.

Winona State Hosts Najib Azad for Global Education Week

In honor of Global Education Week, Winona State University held many events to celebrate. Global Education Week took place from Nov. 14-18. The week is an annual worldwide awareness raising initiative that celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange.

Grand assembly should represent all Afghans: Analysts

KABUL (Pajhwok): Political analysts view the plan for convening a grand assembly to discuss key national issues as a good move. They believe the forum will be effective if it represents all Afghans.

Kabul bomb: Grief and anger at bomb devastation

He had been working as a security guard for the German embassy and was killed in the explosion that struck Kabul on Wednesday.

Afghan Government Simultaneously Defending Kabul, Seeking Deal with Taliban

The administration of President Ashraf Ghani vowed Friday to defend its capital, Kabul, from the Taliban, while efforts by Abdullah Abdullah, head of the country’s National Reconciliation Council, to strike a political deal with the group seemed be gaining momentum.

Why are Afghans so skeptical about Pakistan?

Afghan media are extremely critical of Pakistan’s alleged support for the Taliban, who are gaining strength amid the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan.

The Man Who Thought He Could Fix Afghanistan

To get something done in Afghanistan, you need to know Scott Guggenheim. But even the ultimate fixer isn’t sure anyone can solve the country’s problems.

The Murder Of Democracy in Pakistan

From Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to Nawaz and now Imran Khan, the blue-eyed boys of the military have kept changing, but what has remained constant is the Pakistan military’s control over civilian government.

Afghanistan: A Civil War Or An International Threat – OpEd

After a twenty-year journey and efforts, the United States failed to convince and/or pressuring Pakistan to act honestly, and finally America directly signed a bilateral agreement with Taliban in February 2020 which of course lakes all the legitimacy since a super power enters into an agreement with a fraction that had been blacklisted by the UN Security Council based on the intelligence reports provided by the U.S. agencies,  and again taken the sanctions out temporary by the U.S. communication. 

Afghanistan On The Brink – OpEd

Rare is the country that has upheld as various blows, and such troublesome blows, as has Afghanistan since its modern foundation as a distinct political unit in 1747. Ye the country has managed to survive and to hold the sovereignty and territorial integrity, despite numbers of wars and invasions and swings between radical ideological miens, amplifying from tribalist regard system to communism and Islamic medievalism. It is the only country in the world that has experienced military occupation or intervention by Great Britain (twice), and Soviet Union in 1980s and the United States of America and its allies (since 2001).


I was a marked man': Afghan refugee living in Stevens Point shares story of survival

But last August, before Afghanistan’s fall, he was the leader of a major progressive party in the country and the former spokesperson for the President of Afghanistan. 

Najib Azad, former Afghan president spokesman and author, shares story

Najib Azad gives a presentation Monday at Winona State. The author talked about his latest book, leaving Afghanistan after Taliban takeover and struggles of starting fresh in America.

Najibullah Azad Decodes Afghanistan Prez Ashraf Ghani's Statement Amid Ongoing War With Taliban

"Beyond Evacuation" by Najid Azad

The Central Wisconsin Book Festival welcomes author Najib Azad, who will speak about his firsthand experiences during the fall of Afghanistan, his emigration to the United States and his new book!

Who is allowing banned terror outfits to operate in Afghanistan? | Indus Afghanistan Special

Who is allowing banned terror outfits to operate in #Afghanistan? Hosts Zunaira Azhar and Jawad Tehami in discussion with Najibullah Azad.