In Evils’ Cave

In Evils’ Cave

From the Taliban Prison, a letter to my love

In Evils’ cave, where shadows reside,
A captive soul yearns for love’s gentle tide.
My heart, encased in sorrow’s steel embrace,
Longs for solace, a fleeting warm embrace.

Through iron bars, I gaze to heavens above,
Seeking solace in skies, filled with hope and love.
With trembling hand, I pick up my pen,
To etch hope’s verses, imprisoned till then.

In ink of faith, my words dance and twine,
A letter of solace, to your heart align.
Through darkest nights, my love, do not despair,
For time will bring us freedom from the snare.

With resolute spirit, we shall rise anew,
Together, my love, our dreams will pursue.
Through battles fought with bravery untamed,
Extremism’s chains will be forever maimed.

Afghanistan, our homeland, shall be free,
From tyranny’s grasp, it shall break and flee.
In unity’s embrace, we shall reclaim,
A nation’s glory, adorned with hope’s flame.

So, my dearest, hold onto faith’s sweet rhyme,
In this desolation, let it mark our time.
Though tortured, love’s power shall never cease,
For one day, we’ll embrace, and find our peace.

Najib Azad, July 20, 2023, WI

Photo: DH

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