O, my beloved flag, with colors pure and bold,
A symbol of unity, stories yet untold.
Black, red, and green, a triumphant embrace,
Conveying love profound, in each vibrant trace.

In ebony darkness, resilience takes flight,
With strength untamed, standing tall and bright.
Black, the night’s resplendent tapestry unwound,
Your presence exudes power, profound and profound.

Scarlet, a flame burning with passion’s allure,
A love that endures, forever and pure.
Through struggle and sacrifice, our hearts ablaze.
Red, the beating rhythm, that forever stays.

And green, a garden of hope, verdant and fair,
Whispering dreams, with abundant care.
Bearing fruit of unity, abundance, and grace,
Green, the herald of love, embracing every trace.

United, these colors tell our tale of love,
A flag that flies high, with blessings from above.
Through nationhood’s journey, we stand hand in hand,
To uphold the beauty, in this vibrant land.

O, my national flag, with black, red, and green,
Your sacred hues, a love eternal and serene.
In each thread and fold, a testament we see,
Of love for our homeland, where hearts forever be.

In colors bold and bright, our nation’s flame,
A flag so proud, a symbol we proclaim,
Black, red, and green, a tapestry divine,
A beacon of love, oh, how it does shine!

Black, like the depths of a soul pure and strong,
A reminder of heroes, who fought against wrong,
Their sacrifices made, for justice and peace,
Love for our land, their devotion won’t cease.

Red, vibrant and fierce, like passion’s embrace,
A flame burning bright, no darkness can erase,
A love that ignites, in every heart it sets fire,
Binding us together, a nation to inspire.

And green, like our forests, lush and serene,
A reflection of growth, where dreams intervene,
Love for our land, in every blade of grass,
United we stand, as one nation, a lovely mass.

Oh, precious flag, a canvas of delight,
With every thread, our love takes flight,
United in a tapestry of love we sew,
Our nation’s heritage, forever we’ll show.

So let us cherish, this flag so dear,
With love for our nation, let us draw near,
For in these colors, our hearts intertwine,
A love for our land, forever will shine.

©️Najib Azad, July 28, 2023, WI, USA

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