Nirvana and Purgatory

On one hand
An elegance looks
Qur’anic countenance and hermeneutic tresses
Speaks verses of love
Physique as sculpture of Ajanta
Roman and Rumi’an rumination
On the other hand
You have mortified the beard
Lost yourself and
Misplaced God
Speaks words of Feron
Physique as Satan
You think Yazidi
And his life is Hussaini
You are made of Fire
He is created of soil
You are an outcast from infinity
For him, God becomes 70 maternity
You are disgraced from eternity
He, the prince and handsome as Josef
You still appear from hell across the line
For him, protecting humanity is a duty
You are made of fire, on the way of fire, went to the fire
But, his name here and soul hereafter will be blooming forever

Kabul June 18, 2017 (on the attack in Paktia June 18, 2017)

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