In a Glass House,

In a glass house, ruled by stone men’s might,
Ethereal panes shimmer in the moonlight;
A delicate fortress, where secrets reside,
Whispered tales locked in shadows, they confide.

Crystal walls adorned, fragile and pristine,
A sanctuary built, where love had once been;
But stone men, stone hearts, reveal no soft core,
Their rigid souls guard, and innocence bore.

Through opaque windows, reflections distorted,
Hollow statues govern, their power contorted;
Their eyes icy and cold, devoid of all care,
In this glass house, longing hearts lay bare.

Within its walls, blossoms of dreams they sow,
Yet tender blooms wither, their essence let go;
The stone men’s grip tightly holds their desires,
Fragile fantasies extinguished like fire.

But amidst the shadows, a glimmer of hope,
A crack in the glass, a chance to elope;
From the depths of silence, a sweet melody,
Whispers of freedom, where hearts long to be.

For in this glass house, love still yearns to thrive,
To break chains of stone, in souls it’ll revive;
A dance in the moonlight, a song of release,
Unveiling passionate hearts that find peace.

Let each fragile pane reflect a soul reborn,
Shattered fragments, a symphony forlorn;
For in their vulnerability, strength will rise,
A testament to love that never dies.

So let the stone men rule, with their hardened might,
Within this glass house, they shall lose their fight;
For love, like water, finds cracks to seep through,
And shatters perceptions, making dreams come true.

In this glass house ruled by stone men, dear friend,
May love’s dance of freedom never reach its end;
Embrace the beauty within these walls unsure,
And let our souls, like fragrant flowers, endure.

Azad, February 27, 2023

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