Beyond Evacuation: From the Himalayas to the Statue of Liberty

Najib Azad’s memoir offers a whole new and more personal understanding of the ancient and magnificent country of Afghanistan and its people. Leader of a progressive political party, and former spokesman for the President of Afghanistan, Azad knew he was a marked man the moment the Taliban entered Kabul in 2021. This is his harrowing and heartwarming story of how he, his wife and four small children were forced, like his parents and grandparents before him, to seek refuge abroad. Written on napkins and pieces of cardboard while in refugee camps, the deep love felt by Azad for his country, fellow Afghans and his family emanates from every word as he takes us on his journey from his office in Kabul to a new life in the USA. Readers walk every step with him, feel every moment of anguish as he strives to allay his children’s suffering as well as that of others around him.

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