The Engineered Collapse of the Republic of Afghanistan

The Documentary of Key Logistical Factors that Accounted for the Takeover by the Taliban in 2021

BOOK SUMMERY: After the catastrophe of 9/11, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, but the superpower with its powerful NATO allies left the war-torn country to a few thousand militants after fighting for two decades. Meanwhile, the U.S selected and backed Afghan leaders and warlords also betrayed their country and fellow citizens, which is the tragedy of the century. Why has nation-building in Afghanistan been so turbulent? What was the prevalent thing in the two wars in Afghanistan that resulted in both the same? What microtones-mistakes did Washington make in its longest war? And, who, when, how, and why did design the collapse of the Republic of Afghanistan?
In the documentary, Azad documented not only the secretes behind the collapse but also provided the critical aspects of the failed U.S. policies in Afghanistan. He identifies the fragile strategies, unstable political structures, regional and international powers’ rivalry over geopolitics, regional connectivity, and economy in Afghanistan.

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